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And I'll tell you why.

I guess I was right - you really aren’t talking to me anymore. You know, I think you’re a shitty a friend for this. Even if you did have some kind of problem with me I guess it’s a crazy assumption but I figured you would have the decency to let me know. Or at least tell me why I deserve this kind of treatment. I’ve been there for you. Whenever you needed me and no matter what crazy time it was, I’d go out of my way to be there. Remember those times you’ve called me crying sometimes three in the morning and I came over right away? Or how about that time you were depressed and I stayed with you all night to make sure you were okay? I guess those times I’ve been there doesn’t mean much. This kind of treatment actually makes me feel a little worthless to you. I thought you were really my friend. Someone who I can talk to about anything, someone I knew everything about and could be myself around – vise versa. We’ve been best friends since the second grade. That kind of connection is so hard to find, and I know I’ll never have it with anyone else. Sometimes you felt closer to me than my own sister was. I’d never wish anything bad on you, but I’m sorry I had to get so close to someone as selfish as you. Like I said this kind of treatment makes me feel worthless, but I’m not worthless. I’m in school and doing amazing when I actually show for it, and I’m not quitting until I make something of myself – until I’m successful and actually mean something. I can feel it. You, on the other hand, who knows where your stop will be – you’re lazy, selfish, egotistical, stubborn, you care about no one other than nummero-uno and have this strange obsession with a cannabis plant. You can’t even remember what you did last year because you were too busy putting shit up your nose. You’re insanely jealous and have psychological issues that no one really knows about because they can’t see past your anger issues. You take and take but hate to pay your dues. You steal from those you call friends and turn your back on them when they’re sinking. Don’t get me wrong, I still love you like I always have despite all this. I was the only one that has stuck up for you when other people would talk about these things, about what a horrible person you’ve grown up to be. I would say that you’ve had it rough. That we’ve all had it pretty tough and you have a different way of dealing with it all, that you have your moments but people just have to know you better to see the real you. I guess this is my reality check. I’ve grown a lot over these years and I’m a little surprised you’re still stuck in the fascisms of high school. I wish I would have seen who you are earlier or at least believed what I already knew. You’re a user leeching off of everyone around you. And one day you’re going to need a friend to be on your side and it won’t be me. I’ve come to believe what kind of person you prove you are every single day and to be honest.. I can’t stand people like you.
Boredom abounds.

Oh the joy of my procrastination.

Things to do from here on out.


Find out when the fuck your exams are.

WED – Do your research on the paper for EET.
THURS- Make sure your paper is done - DUE TODAY; Work on notes for the six page term paper. Do at least two pages of the paper.
FRI- TWO lab reports done. Two more pages of the six page paper done (makes four pages so far). Rachel Carson Reading response, do it.
SAT- Lab reports finish them. Two more pages of the Term paper done (six pages).
SUN- Edit the term paper and put your portfolio together, show matthews?; make sure you have your lab reports done, and any work that needs to be done for EGR.

Seems do-able, right? xD! Let's hope I keep that kind of confidence and don't fuck this up; maybe exams won't be as horrible as I'm thinking.

Current Grades; EGR - B; EET - Who knows; ENG - A; MAT - A
Boredom abounds.

Insomnia. Wtf.

I really. Really. Really! Would love it if I could sleep sometime soon. I mean.. I've done nothing to deserve this kind of insomnia, and it's getting old, fast. I could understand if I was on some type of drug or if karma was having it's laugh on me, but really, I'm sober and have been for quite the year now, and there's no unforgiveable sin on my plate either.

I feel like my sister that time she was in the hospital bawling because she didn't deserve to be in there; minus the crying.

I can't stand it. Insomnia is one of the worst things to have. I just don't want to sit up and let my mind ramble on pointless things that no one else would even think about rested for so many hours. Maybe there's something wrong with me? I've been so hyper lately, shouldn't there be a burn-out soon? I don't want to think it's a change in diet but GOD--DAYUM.

What else? No one's hiring right now with the economy the way it is. So, there goes my shot at the moment for some extra cash, not to mention my chances of ridding the feeling of "OmfgImSoLazy!". BUT! On the plus, school's coming up on the 16th 8D (Wow .-. I never thought there'd be a point in time in my life that I'd actually be looking forward to school of all things, ahhh, dork? Or is that category of nerd? xD 3.4 gpa isn't really either.. I mean.. that's standard. Now -- 4.0 or.. even higher, if that's possible in college, would be what? God-mode for nerds? xD;)
Boredom abounds.

Cuz we all need a little Sasu/Naru fluff xDD!

Sasuke turned the small glass vile in his hand, studying the bubbling pink liquid inside with a hint of curiosity gleaming within the onyx orbs, though he schooled his expression into practiced impassivity. Honestly, with all the more useful things he could be doing right now, he was stuck with such a minor task of delivering whatever this was to the lab. Really, they could have assigned this mission, if it could be called that, to anyone; but they somehow saw it necessary to waste his time. And not only his time, Naruto’s as well. Not only did they think he had nothing better to do with himself than act as a delivery boy, but they added insult to injury by having the Village’s number one idiot tag along. Something as simple as this didn’t need two people, he was enough. So why? Sasuke couldn’t help but occupy his mind with the question.

“Teme--!” Dark eyes narrowed at the familiar pet name, rupturing his thoughts. Slowly his dark, narrowed gaze moved over to settle a rather uninterested glare on the blonde. Somehow, he knew Naruto wouldn’t be able to handle too many steps out the door before causing some kind of uproar.

“Sasuke! Just lemme see it--! I can handle it!” Naruto yelled while stepping closer to him with outreached hands. That again? Hadn’t he all ready answered that request? Sasuke merely closed his eyes and moved the vile higher, out of reach to the shorter shinobi. His free hand pressed palms flat against the blonde’s face before pushing him back so he’d stumble out of the personal space that he invaded.

“You can’t be trusted with this.” He explained flatly as the boy moved back. “Thanks to your dobe move on the last mission we’re stuck on this one.” Lowering the hand containing the vile back down, Sasuke continued, shooting a composed look to the noisy ninja. “I won’t allow you to set me back more than that, usuratonkachi.”

Blue hues widened for a moment before Naruto crinkled his face in seething anger; a similar glare now staring death at the raven. Sasuke turned his head more towards him in mild curiosity. Did he honestly not expect something like that to be said? Foolish He concluded, directing his attention back to the stone pathway ahead.

“Don’t look so surprised, usuratonkachi.”

The blonde gave an expected animalistic growl in response before his temper seemed to boil over. Waving his hands for emphasis, the yelling began. “Sasuuke--!! I set you back..?! You’re the one that that got in my way!! Or did you forget that??”

“Hmph.” A small smile lifted the corners of Sasuke’s lips as he closed his eyes with certain confidence. “The only thing I got in the way of was you killing yourself.”

“Ehh?! What’re you talking about? “ The blonde almost stopped in his tracks in disbelief at what he was hearing, but forced his legs to keep up so he could hear this one.

Cutting the blonde a glare Sasuke paused for a moment to soak in the reaction before continuing levelly with a nonchalant shrug. “What did you plan to accomplish by knocking the enemy down? Consider your tactics before you act. Bringing down an opponent you can’t fight without letting go, that’s a dobe way of thinking. In that position, the best you’d be able to do is kiss.” This time Naruto did stop in his tracks with a childish frown, clenching his shaking fists tightly at his sides. Sasuke’s small smile deepened to fit more of a grin, but seeing as how Naruto froze in his steps, that would go unseen. “But even that’s impossible for you. You’re a bibiri-kun, after all.”

To be continued :p .. ehem.. possibly.
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Another Crack Rp

After a long day of work filled with the oh-so-exciting papers, conferences, and brief sparring sessions, a little relaxation was screaming to be found through the Kage's tensed muscles. Especially in the shoulders he noted while gingerly rubbing the left side.  Maybe his twin would allow a little peace his way. At this time he was usually dumped off on his lover as he should have been first thing in the morning in the first place, but as if to double check on it Gaara casted a curious glance to the door.  He stared for a few seconds, as if he were expecting that shinny knob to turn and reveal someone he really didn't want to see right now, but, maybe that was just his imagination, seeing as how that nowhere near happened. Actually, nothing did. The red-head gave a small breath; The area was twin-free apparently. No feminine whining to be heard.  He narrowed his eyes at the thought while absently turning the knob to cut the hot water off.  Really, he detested to see someone so much like himself so girly.  He thought more on it while smoothly slipping the maroon silk-robe from his milky complexion. Maybe this emotion was only his jealousy of not being able to act such a way himself. He had often wondered how his Itachi would respond to him acting so for him. Gaara shook his head to rid the thought and actually shuddered, ruffling the untamed spikes. He'd rather be un-cute and scary than foolish and uncaring.  At least then he knew what went on around him. "Mm." The soft hum escaped from him as he withdrew his foot from the moutain of bubbles that piled up, drawing his brow-line down. A little too hot. 
Holding his breath Gaara gently settled himself down and leaned his head back against the tub, finally releasing a languished sigh from the powerful throat and into the steamed air. Dark-lids parted slightly, filled with contentment. A small smile even lifted the corners of his lips.  It felt like such a victory to get away from everyone and do something for himself he mused while idly lifting one hand just before him and studying it before gently blowing some of the bubbles to hover around for his amusement.
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::Brief Summary:  I guess this can be considered as the first serious roleplay between whitney's Gaara and my Itachi. Later to be continued in her community?::

The air was cool tonight. This was an odd occurrence in Sunagakure, where it was never cool, even at night. Even when the sun had set and only the moon was left to illuminate the terrain, the temperature never seemed to drop to where it could be classified as 'cool'. The fifth Kazekage took this as a bad omen on this particular night. There was something about the air and full moon that didn’t settle right with him. He knew something had to be brewing. Something bad.

Normally Gaara enjoyed moonlit nights. They were the reprieve from his long days of mundane paperwork and political matters. They were just about the only things Gaara could find himself looking forward to. But not this night. He had a bad feeling in his chest, even now as he stood on the highest part of the Kazekage Tower, gazing up at the full moon. Something told him that he should go inside for his own good. But being the Kazekage, he feared the worst for his village, and forced the uneasiness away, continuing to stand perfectly still. The last time this feeling had settled, a blonde terrorist of the Akatsuki infiltrated his village. But he couldn’t imagine what the Akatsuki would want from him now, seeing as he was no longer a jinchuuriki; already having had his biju extracted quite some time ago. Unless it was only for revenge that they should want him dead, in which case, Gaara wouldn’t mind so much. Aside from wanting to protect the villagers of Suna, he really didn’t understand his existence here, trying to be normal.

Many people of his village would try to explain to him the normality of everyday life, but it was something lost to Gaara. He didn’t understand why suddenly there were so many young women always talking to him, wanting his attention. His sister tried to explain the ways of courtship and dating, but her explanations fell on deaf ears, as Gaara found no use for such a thing. Maybe he was still a bit bitter at them. Perhaps he just felt like he needed to stay alone. He couldn’t tell, but guessed it was because he was still somewhat bitter towards the people who vied for his attention now. The very same people who would trip over themselves to get out of dodge whenever there was a rumor that he was coming down the street. The very same people who had wanted nothing to do with him, until proving his worth as the Kazekage. Gaara would’ve liked to let go of those feelings, with all of his heart, but he feared it would be something he would take with him to his grave. He had been so alone, and so isolated for so much of his life, Gaara couldn’t imagine asking any one of those foolish, swooning girls to be at his side. They’d never hold the capacity to understand anything he’d ever say, and that was something Gaara was not going to force himself to put up with.

But lately, Gaara had been questioning himself. He questioned the feelings he felt well up inside of him on nights like these. A terrible ache would throb through his chest, feeling as if it was attacking his heart. It would cause his eyes to tear up and a lump to form in his throat; but never from the physical pain. He didn’t understand it at all. And tonight didn’t seem to be an exception. Placing his hand over his heart, Gaara pressed as hard as he could against his chest, trying with all his might to will away the hurt and the odd sensations it brought in its wake. He could recall the feeling of longing. He’d felt it a lot as a child, and now he was feeling it again. But he couldn’t account for what he was longing for. Perhaps it was his soul crying out for Shukaku. Gaara could think of nothing else that it could be as he raised pale colored eyes to the full moon, noting the strange ring of light around it. It seemed as if it were radiating a red aura. That also was strange and Gaara had never recalled seeing anything like that in the night sky before. The feeling of uneasiness mixed with the throbbing ache in his chest and the Kazekage felt slightly light headed before deciding to move back into his office to have a seat; even if just for a moment.
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Well, I can't deny it; I've found a better Gaara than my own (with the exception of fighting as him). We'll work on that if she wants it though. This is a short roleplay between Itachi and Gaara over aim. But! The roles are switched. It starts out as just playing around and gets serious as it usually does xDD
♥Whitney -- Sabaku no Gaara♥
Me -- Uchiha Itachi

Gaara:  "HAH, you lose.  Now GTFO." D<

Itachi:: Rubs his eye. "No." D<

Gaara:  "What! You want some more!?" Dx

Itachi:: Keeps rubbing.  "....."

Gaara:  "S'what I thought."

Itachi:: "You thought nothing."

Gaara:  "I was thinking you'd be a bitch." >__>.

Itachi:: "You are
a bitch."

Gaara:  Narrows his eyes on Itachi.  "At least I do not behave as one."

Itachi:: Small smirk. Quirks one brow. "So you think."

Gaara:  Crosses his arms.  "And you would know?"

 Itachi:: "I'm around you enough to know such."

Gaara:  "I hardly see such a claim to be anywhere near being true."

Itachi:: Frown "..I see. Then allow me to make yours a correct claim." Moves to leave.

Gaara:  Remains perfectly still but shifts his gaze out the window again.  "Go then.  Run."

Itachi:: Stops at the door and opens it slightly, keeping his back to Gaara. "From you?" Pauses for a moment. "Who would not when only being driven to madness in your presence." 

Gaara:  Clenches his jaw, but doesn't do anything to show that Itachi's words drove home and hard.  "I suppose when one cannot handle such a being; the only possible and wise course of action is to simply run away.."

Itachi:: By now Gaara should've known the things to say and to not. These insults were a mere distraction to have him linger here foolishly for further insults. If the case were true, Gaara failed in the attempt "You are handled, but in moderate doses. If this displeases you, perhaps it is you that should initiate this "running away." Having all that he could possibly say to Gaara he steps into the hall way and closes the door behind him, heading outside.

Gaara:  Itachi was more than capable of easily tearing someone down with his words.  And to know him on a personal level such as this only seemed to give him more ammunition with which to fire his maddening rounds.  But from Itachi, Gaara had learned to guard his hurt more efficiently than he had previously known.  With a low hissing sound, the redhead's body dispersed and reformed in a small whirlwind of sand in front of the Uchiha.  He would not have the last word such as that.  "I do not need to initiate such a thing because I am no coward to turn my back on such things."

Itachi:: Itachi stopped his progression down the vast hallway just in time for the red-head to make a dramatic appearance before him; obviously displeased. Having dealt with the temper on occasions before it was to no surpise that he was now impassively staring the sight down. And the words were equally amusing, though he wouldn't let it show and held his placid composure. He didn't dare blink, and for now, dark
pools resided in Gaara's gaze without fault. "It is not cowardly to wish not to be in your presence, Gaara. To not accept the decision is what proves you to be a coward. Your temper is merely displaying to me how infantile you can become when not having your way."

Gaara:  That was something that was a bit harder to hide.  Pain no doubt flashed across brilliant aqua pools as Gaara lowered his gaze away from the other's face; finding that he couldn't bare looking in his direction either and shifted the gaze off to the side.  No matter how far his past was behind him, this was an all too painful reminder of just what he really was; an undesirable monster.  As the Kazekage initially feared from the very beginning, the Uchiha had discovered this for himself now and wished to rid himself of the burdon.  If this male had been another, he probably would've reverted to the psycho social ways of his past, but the jinchuuriki was much too wounded to even think of such a thing.  Without another word, Gaara pushed past the taller male none too gently before reaching the confines of his office; his safety.  In one swift movement the door opened and was slammed shut, sealing the Kazekage inside and away from the other.

Itachi:: The older male narrowed his eyes slightly at the results of his words to Gaara. The other's refusal to continue a look in his direction sent a painful bolt through him, rupturing the solid composure if only slightly. Itachi complied and moved himself at Gaara's push, turning his head to follow the red-heads retreat into the office. He stood there long after the door slammed shut to conceal his male inside, turning his head to floor after having long enough of the staring match with the wooden frame. Even he could see that his words were too drastic for one that needed assurance of his worth. Was this not the duty of a lover? Closing his eyes Itachi willed his legs to continue down the hall, still managing to keep his collected stride.

Being that Gaara did retreat to his office it was only a matter of moments before a dark bird landed to perch itself at the window seal before daring further to make an entrance through the opened area; dropping carefully a small chocolate piece atop the parchements of documents. Quickly ruffing it's feathers the bird took flight and made an escape afterwards. Itachi watched below with an impassive gaze before turning halfway, and it took a moment but he finally continued on down the streets of Suna to carry out his own actions of the day. Perhaps he was a coward (not  willing to do such a thing in person and face the foreign bite of awkwardness -- though he had attempted) Afterall, white-day was never before deemed necessary of acknowledgement by him; and for now, he couldn't find the right words to give his lover of his worth. That or he wouldn't allow himself. In time perhaps that too would change.

Gaara:  Pain.  He remembered its sting from when he was young; too young to fully understand what it was.  He had battled it by daring others to cross his path and simply destroyed them should they be foolish enough to get in his way.  Live for only yourself, his mind chanted, Love only yourself.  The Kazekage pressed his back against the door, not having moved since he'd separated himself from the other male.  A small hand curled into a fist before pounding uselessly against the door behind him.  How infuriating it was; Itachi made him want to wrap sand around his throat until he stopped breathing at times.  Just as the thought passed, out of place movement caught his sharp eye, calling his attention to it.  A raven.  Not a native bird of the desert.  Itachi's.  Now what.  The redhead growled to himself, moving to shoo the creature away but it instead flew around him to land on his desk.  Gaara frowned as he narrowed his eyes on the bird, preparing to crush it with an angry limb of sand until it seemed to sense his hostility towards it and quickly fluttered away as quietly as it had come.  With a small huff to try and forget the few moments ago, the redhead moved back to his desk and sat heavily before taking notice to the foreign object that had not been there when he'd left.  Crystalline blue eyes blinked a bit slowly as he stared at it, as if amazed by the thing before reaching down and gingerly curling slender fingers around it.  Itachi's.  With another small sigh, the Kazekage fell back into his chair, carefully keeping a delicate grip on his gift.  Infuriating indeed, Gaara thought to himself, the slightest of smiles curling the corners of his mouth

omfg! so CUTE!! that gaara is xDD;; ♥