October 13th, 2008

Boredom abounds.

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::Brief Summary:  I guess this can be considered as the first serious roleplay between whitney's Gaara and my Itachi. Later to be continued in her community?::

The air was cool tonight. This was an odd occurrence in Sunagakure, where it was never cool, even at night. Even when the sun had set and only the moon was left to illuminate the terrain, the temperature never seemed to drop to where it could be classified as 'cool'. The fifth Kazekage took this as a bad omen on this particular night. There was something about the air and full moon that didn’t settle right with him. He knew something had to be brewing. Something bad.

Normally Gaara enjoyed moonlit nights. They were the reprieve from his long days of mundane paperwork and political matters. They were just about the only things Gaara could find himself looking forward to. But not this night. He had a bad feeling in his chest, even now as he stood on the highest part of the Kazekage Tower, gazing up at the full moon. Something told him that he should go inside for his own good. But being the Kazekage, he feared the worst for his village, and forced the uneasiness away, continuing to stand perfectly still. The last time this feeling had settled, a blonde terrorist of the Akatsuki infiltrated his village. But he couldn’t imagine what the Akatsuki would want from him now, seeing as he was no longer a jinchuuriki; already having had his biju extracted quite some time ago. Unless it was only for revenge that they should want him dead, in which case, Gaara wouldn’t mind so much. Aside from wanting to protect the villagers of Suna, he really didn’t understand his existence here, trying to be normal.

Many people of his village would try to explain to him the normality of everyday life, but it was something lost to Gaara. He didn’t understand why suddenly there were so many young women always talking to him, wanting his attention. His sister tried to explain the ways of courtship and dating, but her explanations fell on deaf ears, as Gaara found no use for such a thing. Maybe he was still a bit bitter at them. Perhaps he just felt like he needed to stay alone. He couldn’t tell, but guessed it was because he was still somewhat bitter towards the people who vied for his attention now. The very same people who would trip over themselves to get out of dodge whenever there was a rumor that he was coming down the street. The very same people who had wanted nothing to do with him, until proving his worth as the Kazekage. Gaara would’ve liked to let go of those feelings, with all of his heart, but he feared it would be something he would take with him to his grave. He had been so alone, and so isolated for so much of his life, Gaara couldn’t imagine asking any one of those foolish, swooning girls to be at his side. They’d never hold the capacity to understand anything he’d ever say, and that was something Gaara was not going to force himself to put up with.

But lately, Gaara had been questioning himself. He questioned the feelings he felt well up inside of him on nights like these. A terrible ache would throb through his chest, feeling as if it was attacking his heart. It would cause his eyes to tear up and a lump to form in his throat; but never from the physical pain. He didn’t understand it at all. And tonight didn’t seem to be an exception. Placing his hand over his heart, Gaara pressed as hard as he could against his chest, trying with all his might to will away the hurt and the odd sensations it brought in its wake. He could recall the feeling of longing. He’d felt it a lot as a child, and now he was feeling it again. But he couldn’t account for what he was longing for. Perhaps it was his soul crying out for Shukaku. Gaara could think of nothing else that it could be as he raised pale colored eyes to the full moon, noting the strange ring of light around it. It seemed as if it were radiating a red aura. That also was strange and Gaara had never recalled seeing anything like that in the night sky before. The feeling of uneasiness mixed with the throbbing ache in his chest and the Kazekage felt slightly light headed before deciding to move back into his office to have a seat; even if just for a moment.