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Cuz we all need a little Sasu/Naru fluff xDD!

Sasuke turned the small glass vile in his hand, studying the bubbling pink liquid inside with a hint of curiosity gleaming within the onyx orbs, though he schooled his expression into practiced impassivity. Honestly, with all the more useful things he could be doing right now, he was stuck with such a minor task of delivering whatever this was to the lab. Really, they could have assigned this mission, if it could be called that, to anyone; but they somehow saw it necessary to waste his time. And not only his time, Naruto’s as well. Not only did they think he had nothing better to do with himself than act as a delivery boy, but they added insult to injury by having the Village’s number one idiot tag along. Something as simple as this didn’t need two people, he was enough. So why? Sasuke couldn’t help but occupy his mind with the question.

“Teme--!” Dark eyes narrowed at the familiar pet name, rupturing his thoughts. Slowly his dark, narrowed gaze moved over to settle a rather uninterested glare on the blonde. Somehow, he knew Naruto wouldn’t be able to handle too many steps out the door before causing some kind of uproar.

“Sasuke! Just lemme see it--! I can handle it!” Naruto yelled while stepping closer to him with outreached hands. That again? Hadn’t he all ready answered that request? Sasuke merely closed his eyes and moved the vile higher, out of reach to the shorter shinobi. His free hand pressed palms flat against the blonde’s face before pushing him back so he’d stumble out of the personal space that he invaded.

“You can’t be trusted with this.” He explained flatly as the boy moved back. “Thanks to your dobe move on the last mission we’re stuck on this one.” Lowering the hand containing the vile back down, Sasuke continued, shooting a composed look to the noisy ninja. “I won’t allow you to set me back more than that, usuratonkachi.”

Blue hues widened for a moment before Naruto crinkled his face in seething anger; a similar glare now staring death at the raven. Sasuke turned his head more towards him in mild curiosity. Did he honestly not expect something like that to be said? Foolish He concluded, directing his attention back to the stone pathway ahead.

“Don’t look so surprised, usuratonkachi.”

The blonde gave an expected animalistic growl in response before his temper seemed to boil over. Waving his hands for emphasis, the yelling began. “Sasuuke--!! I set you back..?! You’re the one that that got in my way!! Or did you forget that??”

“Hmph.” A small smile lifted the corners of Sasuke’s lips as he closed his eyes with certain confidence. “The only thing I got in the way of was you killing yourself.”

“Ehh?! What’re you talking about? “ The blonde almost stopped in his tracks in disbelief at what he was hearing, but forced his legs to keep up so he could hear this one.

Cutting the blonde a glare Sasuke paused for a moment to soak in the reaction before continuing levelly with a nonchalant shrug. “What did you plan to accomplish by knocking the enemy down? Consider your tactics before you act. Bringing down an opponent you can’t fight without letting go, that’s a dobe way of thinking. In that position, the best you’d be able to do is kiss.” This time Naruto did stop in his tracks with a childish frown, clenching his shaking fists tightly at his sides. Sasuke’s small smile deepened to fit more of a grin, but seeing as how Naruto froze in his steps, that would go unseen. “But even that’s impossible for you. You’re a bibiri-kun, after all.”

To be continued :p .. ehem.. possibly.

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