Tags: tired

Boredom abounds.

Insomnia. Wtf.

I really. Really. Really! Would love it if I could sleep sometime soon. I mean.. I've done nothing to deserve this kind of insomnia, and it's getting old, fast. I could understand if I was on some type of drug or if karma was having it's laugh on me, but really, I'm sober and have been for quite the year now, and there's no unforgiveable sin on my plate either.

I feel like my sister that time she was in the hospital bawling because she didn't deserve to be in there; minus the crying.

I can't stand it. Insomnia is one of the worst things to have. I just don't want to sit up and let my mind ramble on pointless things that no one else would even think about rested for so many hours. Maybe there's something wrong with me? I've been so hyper lately, shouldn't there be a burn-out soon? I don't want to think it's a change in diet but GOD--DAYUM.

What else? No one's hiring right now with the economy the way it is. So, there goes my shot at the moment for some extra cash, not to mention my chances of ridding the feeling of "OmfgImSoLazy!". BUT! On the plus, school's coming up on the 16th 8D (Wow .-. I never thought there'd be a point in time in my life that I'd actually be looking forward to school of all things, ahhh, dork? Or is that category of nerd? xD 3.4 gpa isn't really either.. I mean.. that's standard. Now -- 4.0 or.. even higher, if that's possible in college, would be what? God-mode for nerds? xD;)